2019 New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon Q&A for foreign participants

Q1:Registration & Payment

  • Timeline:
  • Date Time Event
    2018/09/12 Starting from 12:00 Registration begins.
    2018/10/24 Ending at 12:00 Deadline for the registration.
  • Register online Official website of the Competition (http://www.wanjinshi-marathon.com.tw), Mobile APP for the Competition (Wan Jin Shi Marathon). Sign up for the membership of the entry system, fill in your e-mail address and set up the password, then select registration to complete a detailed personal information form and upload a scan or a picture of your passport (in jpg. or png. format, file shall be less than 4MB). The email shall be the receiving mailbox for future information concerning the competition after system verification.
  • All entry fee must be paid by credit card.
  • Notification for Successful Payment: An e-mail will be sent to participants upon successful payment. Once a foreign participant receives the Successful Payment e-mail, the registration is confirmed.
  • Please contact our enquiry line: +886 (2) 26455065 for operation service in relation to the registration system.

Q2:Purchase of Shuttle Bus Tickets

Route Kuo Kuang Motor Transport Taipei Terminal (No. 168, Section 1, Shimin Boulevard, Datong District, Taipei City) North Gate of Banqiao Train Station Jin Shan Youth Activity Center
Round Trip Ticket NT$170 NT$170 Free of charge with the bibs
Depart 03:30-04:00 03:30-04:00 04:30-05:30
Return 10:30-13:00 10:30-13:00 10:30-13:00


  • For the shuttle bus, except for those who depart from Jin Shan Youth Activity Center shall board with their number bib, those who depart from Kuo Kuang Motor Transport Taipei Terminal and North Gate of Banqiao Train Station shall board with their tickets.
  • For further enquiries in relation to the shuttle bus, please contact the service line before 13 March 2019: +886 966-454-505. The service line will be available 9: 00-12: 00 and 13: 30-20:00, Monday to Friday.

Q3:Finish Time

  • For Marathon and Challenge Run, participants who fail to pass the turning point before 09:35am and 08:05am (cut-off time), respectively, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify the participants, and the disqualified party shall not object.
  • Participants disqualified by the Organizing Committee shall follow the instruction from the referee, take the shuttle provided by the Organizing Committee and return to the event venue. No straying on the track is allowed.
  • Participants who did not finish the Competition shall return the timing chip on the shuttle and receive the deposit of NT.100, no objection is allowed.
  • After passing the turning point, the cut-off time for each turning point is as follows:
  • Turning Point for Marathon 25 km 30 km 35 km 37 km Finish Point
    09:35am 10:08am 10:49am 11:30am 11:47pm 12:30pm
    Turning Point for Challenge Run Finish Point
    08:05am 08:50am

Q4:Timing Chip Deposit Refund

  • After finishing the competition, please return the timing chip to the designated stand to retrieve the deposit of NT$ 100.
  • Participants completed registration without taking part in the competition, or returning the timing chip in time on the race date shall return the timing chip to Chinese Taipei Athletics Association (No. 20, Chu-Lun Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City) for the refund (can be collect either in person or by post) before 31 March 2019, if the timing chip is not returned within the period, it will be regarded as abandonment.

Q5:Refund System

  • After the payment, shall the participant not be able to participate due to other reasons, refund shall be made according to the refund system set out as follows:
  • (1)Those who submit the application before 31 December 2018 shall receive 60% of the total amount, but subject to a 3% charge of credit card fee.

    (2)Those who submit the application during 1 January 2019 to 17 March 2019 shall only receive the timing chip deposit NT. 100, for refunding method of the deposit, please refer to the procedure provided in Rule 12 in the Regulation.

  • For those who wish to refund, please send an e-mail to wanjinshimarathon@gmail.com for registration. The refund will be made after the identity and the information of the participant is confirmed. Refunding equals to losing eligibility to the competition.